Our CNC Machine Shops

Algonquin Industries, Inc. is a premier CNC machine shop utilizing state-of-the-art technology, a highly trained work force with a full engineering department to ensure the highest quality in manufacturing and CNC machining services. We provide high precision turned and milled components, as well as value added assembly for your custom applications. We manufacture custom components to your exact specifications, ensuring optimum use for your application. Always striving for excellence, Algonquin Industries quality system is ISO9001:2008 registered with NQA, further guaranteeing optimum quality.

Unlike most CNC machine shops, our company currently has 91,000 square foot of manufacturing space, which allows us to produce large production runs which are processed quickly and efficiently with traceability. Our combined CNC machining and manufacturing process facility gives us finished-product-capabilities, enabling us to fully integrate and assemble items made from our production facility with other components specified from our customers. You can depend on our company to provide fast, accurate quotations and engineering solutions for all of your sheet metal fabrication requirements.

Sheet Metal Forming & Fabrication
Prototype & Finishing Assembly
Custom Product