CNC 4 Axis Horizontal Milling

Our CNC machining services department is capable of machining a large array of materials. These materials include mild and stainless steel, aluminum, magnesium, zinc, brass, copper, and numerous plastic and metal parts. Our milling department is equipped to produce customer quantities ranging from 1 - 10000+. At Algonquin Industries Inc., our CNC machining services offer the greatest degree of dimensional accuracy tolerances that are maintained and verified by our quality assurance department with 100% accuracy.

We have multiple machines with different capabilities to best suit our client's needs. Our 4 Axis Horizontal Milling Machines include:

  • ( 1 ) KIWA KNH-400 120 Tools 6-Pallet
  • ( 1 ) KIWA KNH-435x 120 Tools 2-Pallet
  • ( 2 ) KIWA KNH-426 120 Tools 2-Pallet

Algonquin Industries Inc. offers CNC and manual milling machining methods ranging from simple to complex. Our machine shop has an extensive line of equipment and fixture options that enable us to meet our customer's unique requirements.

Please contact our company to discuss your next project that will require our CNC Horizontal Milling services. Our staff is capable and ready to assist in any way possible.

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