Sheet Metal Fabrication

Hi-Tech Metals has taken Sheet Metal Fabrication design, engineering, assembly, finishing and production to a whole new plateau of achievement. From prototypes, to short and long production runs, we have developed exclusive, cost-efficient, breakthrough techniques. State-of-the-art sheet metal fabrication machines and CNC programming make Hi-Tech Metals impossible to match when it comes to any kind of sheet metal fabrication. Our sister division, Algonquin Industries, Inc., located within the same facility, provides critical support when special tooling or fixtures are needed to solve special problems and meet tight deadlines.

You cannot achieve the high levels of success that we have with out a major commitment to Quality Control. From start to finish, Quality Control is built into every phase of sheet metal fabrication and production. Our highly qualified staff of Q.C. personnel, carefully monitor the fabrication and production from a state-of-the-art Quality Control facility and a Final Inspection room, located within the plant.

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