Forming / Rolling

Algonquin Industries Inc. / Hi-Tech Metals Inc. offers state-of-the-art metal forming and rolling capabilities to meet a full range of manufacturing requirements and specialties. Our ability to combine the resources of standard press brake forming with custom tooling allows us to meet the needs of our customers despite the level of complexity.

Stainless and mild steel, high strength aluminum, and numerous other types of processed steel are used in our metal forming services. We also manufacture custom formed parts to your exact specifications for single prototypes or short-run through production. Our metal forming and rolling equipment includes:

Press Brakes

  • HBY-85 Mitsubishi Toyokoki 8" 85 Ton
  • HBY-175 Mitsubishi Toyokoki 10 x 175-Ton Press
  • APB5620W Mitsubishi Toyokoki 6"Axis Press Brake 56-Ton Capacity,
    78" Long Bed with CNC Controls
  • RG35 Amanda Press Brake 35-Ton
  • RG25 Amanda Hydraulic Press Brake 25-Ton Capacity, 48" Long Bed with Control


  • Petro Rollers 2" Dia x 36"
  • Round Rollers 4" Dia x 60"

At Algonquin Industries Inc. / Hi-Tech Metals Inc. we have extensive experience with complex bending and forming projects. For more information about our metal forming and rolling services, contact us today. We look forward to helping you with your next project.

Sheet Metal Forming & Fabrication
Prototype & Finishing Assembly
Custom Product