Metal Deburring / Timesaving

As part of our metal preparation services at Algonquin Industries Inc. / Hi-Tech Metals Inc., we provide metal deburring to our finished products. Metal deburring removes parting lines, sharp edges, burrs, metal flow, sinks, pits or another metal impurities in preparation for buffing or painting.

Vibratory metal deburring is a mass finishing process that depends on friction for results. Vibratory Finishing is ideal for the following applications:

  • Removal of burrs
  • Creating radius edges for safe handling
  • Prepping parts for plating
  • Texturing parts for adhesion
  • Polishing parts for appearance

Algonquin Industries Inc. / Hi-Tech Metals Inc. has several different metal deburring machines in a variety of sizes to meet our customers’ needs. Our metal deburring and timesaving equipment includes:

  • Timesaver 37" wide capacity with dryer
  • Head belt/brushes/scotch bright
  • Timesaver 36" wide single head-belt
  • Timesaver 9"
  • Stoelting VSF-212 parts washer
  • Dustron grinding booth *" x 16'
  • Stroke sander 48" x 72"
  • Boyer Schulzt surface grinder 5" x 10"

For more information about our metal deburring services, please contact our company. We look forward to having a discussion about your next project.

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