CNC 2-12Axis Turning - Lathe / Swiss

Algonquin Industries Inc. has been providing custom CNC machining services since our inception in 1974. We specialize in tight tolerance, precision machining of small to medium size parts in a wide variety of materials. In addition, Algonquin Industries is capable of generating production runs ranging from small to large. Our services include from product engineering through production runs with flexible lead times, custom designs by applications, custom delivery schedules, and blanket orders.

As a preferred custom CNC machining services company, CNC Turning is a large part of what we do here at Algonquin Industries Inc. Our staff can perform several different operations though CNC 2-12Axis Turning - Lathe / Swiss. For more simple projects, we advise the use of two axis. We successfully complete any project and will consistently deliver high quality and durable results.

The list of our machines is below:

CNC Turning

  • (1) Mori Sieki SL-250 (2 Axis)
  • (1) Mori Sieki CL-15 (2 Axis)
  • (1) Okuma Howa HL-20 (2 Axis)
  • (1) Okuma Howa HL-35 (2 Axis)
  • (1) Mori Sieki SL-253B/500 (2 Axis)
  • (1) Mori Sieki CL-1500 (2 Axis)
  • (1) Mori Sieki NL2000SY LNS BF Live Tooling (4 Axis)
  • (1) Mori Sieki NZ2000T3Y3 LNS BF & Fanuc Robotic Loader (12 Axis)
  • (1) YCM GT-250 Lathe with LNS BF Live Tooling (3 Axis)
  • (1) Hurco Lathe with Live Tooling (3 Axis)

Swiss Turning

  • (2) Star SR-20R II Swiss Screw .750 Dia (7 Axis)
  • (1) Star SR-J32 1.250 Dia (7 Axis) - fix the product name on the page to this
  • Auto 12' Bar Feeder

We strive to provide the highest level of customer satisfaction with each project achieved by our close attention to detail.

Contact us or request a quote regarding our custom CNC machining capabilities. We look forward to working with you to meet your unique machining challenge.

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