CNC 5 Axis Milling

Algonquin Industries Inc. is considered to be a preferred precision CNC machining company in the Northeast. We utilize modern CNC controlled multi-axis milling and turning machine tools and state of the art CAM software to achieve world-class efficiency and quality.

Algonquin Industries Inc.'s CNC milling machines have vertical and horizontal capabilities, facilitating the development and production of a wide variety of complex precision-machined parts. Our machines are outfitted with 4 and 5 axis rotary/indexing tables and dedicated fixtures on palletized tombstones. This provides the benefit of a significant reduction in the variation of production runs, improved quality, and reduced costs. Also, as a precision CNC machining company with state-of-the-art equipment, we feature CAD design services, CAM programming services, and reverse engineering to further support our clients.

Our list of CNC 5 Axis Milling machines can be found below:

  • (1) YCM FX 380 A, True 5 Axis
  • 30 Tool, 15K RPM
  • X-Axis Travel 700mm 27.56"
  • Y-Axis Travel 520mm 20.47"
  • Z-Axis Travel 480mm 18.90"

To learn more about our CNC 5 Axis Milling Services, please contact Algonquin Industries, Inc. We are a single source, fully integrated, precision CNC machining company.

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