Spot Welding

At Algonquin Industries Inc. / Hi-Tech Metals Inc. we offer high-quality resistance spot welding services for any fabrication projects. As a full-service single source company, we are available for both contract and production services, we employ a wide range of free handed welding processes for small to medium sized parts. We have extensive experience in working with metals such as aluminum, stainless steel, spring steel, galvanized steel and many others. Our resistance spot welding services provide significant production advantages for customers that require a high-speed operation for joining metal surfaces together.

The equipment used in our facility for spot welding includes:

  • Miller Spot Welders, 20 KVA Air Operated
    CRS .134 / SS .125
  • Sciaky Spot Welder, 150 KVA with Petron Control
    CRS .134 / SS .134 / AL .125
  • H&H Spot Welder, 100 KVA with H&H Control
    CRS .134 / SS .134 / AL .125
  • Frank Brandt Spot Welder, 150 KVA
    CRS .134 / SS .134 / AL .125

From single pieces to full production runs, we can handle any required manufacturing volume for short or long durations. Our products are spot welded to meet your specifications and exceed your expectations. Our certified team will inspect and test all joined surfaces for integrity.

Whether you require a turn-key assembly solution, sub-assemblies, or need engineering design assistance, Algonquin Industries Inc. / Hi-Tech Metals Inc. is your single source solution. To learn more about our resistance spot welding services, contact our company today.

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